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Get to Know Us





Hi, I'm Jason! Over the past few years I have worked to bring Top Table Productions to life and currently run the company. 

My main interests include table top gaming, computer gaming and the odd game of golf when the weather is decent here in Scotland!

You can follow or contact me directly on @JasonDM14 over on Twitter. 


Hi, I'm Laura and I am a freelance writer for Top Table Productions. I not only come up with some of the adventures but I also design the maps and help out with the design and images. 

I'm really into Nintendo games especially animal crossing, I mean come on how cute are those characters! 

When I'm not playing games or writing I do like to travel when I can. I spent seven years living in Tokyo and love all things Japanese! 

You can find me on my Instagram page @laurawrites5e so feel free to connect and say hi. 

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